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May 2006 - December 2006

ConocoPhillips - MLN Oil Field Facilities, Algeria, RAM Study:
EPCONSULT has been commissioned by ConocoPhillips to perform a Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) Study for the processing facilities associated with the MLN oil field, located in the Berkine Basin area (Block 405a), Algeria. The study will also cover the expansion of the central processing facilities in order to increase crude oil production. The study involves operations procedures review, competence review and ergonomics study.

Al-Khafji Joint Operations (KJO), Saudi Arabia - Corporate Risk Management Project:
EPCONSULT has commenced development of a corporate risk management framework, policies and procedures for six business units including twenty-three company departments.

Petro-Canada - Feasibility Study, Block 15/18a:
EPCONSULT has completed a feasibility study for Petro-Canada's block 15/18a in the North Sea. The scope included a decision risk analysis (DRA) to determine the value of drilling an additional appraisal well.

Seascape Energy / Elsam - Burbo Bank Offshore Wind Farm Project:
EPCONSULT has been awarded a consultancy services contract from Seascape and its contractor Subsea Cable and Pipe to support the execution of a new wind farm project which is to be located off the coast of Liverpool in the UK. EPCONSULT's scope is to prepare Environmental, HSE and Quality Plans for the activities involved in the installation of the wind farm infrastructure.

Zakum Development Company, United Arab Emirates - Main Oil Line Replacement Project:
Following on from the conceptual engineering phase where EPCONSULT played a key role in performing studies, EPCONSULT is now involved in performing several FEED stage studies for the new Main Oil Line for upper Zakum, 60 km 42" crude line. The studies include: Riser QRA, SIL Review, SIL Verification, Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPS) safety assessment and Health, Safety and Environmental Impact Assessment (HSEIA).

Total E&P Yemen- Kharir Gas Compression Project - RAM Study:
EPCONSULT completed a Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) Study for the Kharir Basement Phase 1 Project. The study demonstrated that the selected configuration would meet the target availability and the study made recommendations to increase the system availability. The study also identified the sparing, operating and maintenance philosophies to be adopted to meet the reliability and availability targets.

Reliance Jamnagar, India - Export Refinery:
EPCONSULT has been responsible for chairing HAZOP Reviews for the Jamnagar Export Refinery, including Hydrogen Compression Unit, Tail Gas Treating Unit (TGTU), Sour Water Stripping Unit (SWS), Amine Regeneration Unit (ATU), Marine Tank Farm and LPG loading.

Sonatrach -Hassi Massaoud Refinery and LPG Plants, Algeria:
In order to reduce the extent of air pollution (greenhouse gas emissions) and to conserve gas resources, Sonatrach has initiated a project for the recovery of flaring gases. EPCONSULT chaired HAZOP Reviews for the flaring network of the Hassi Massaoud refinery and LPG plants, including 26 flares.

10K London Run:
The British 10K London Run takes place in July. This year EPCONSULT staff with joint effort of family and friends raised GBP 2,695 for Ockenden International, a charity which works with displaced communities around the world. Ockenden International works in partnership with marginalized communities and refugees promoting self-reliance.

The Children's Safety Education Foundation:
EPCONSULT staff donated total of GBP 299 to the Children's Safety Education Foundation. This sponsorship is towards the Child Safety Programme "Junior Citizen Initiative", which is targeted for 7-11 year olds. The Children's Safety Education Foundation aims to promote and further the personal safety, social, health and citizenship education for children and young people.

BP Mardi Gras Transportation System, Deepwater Pipelines, Gulf of Mexico:
EPCONSULT completed a close-out risk assessment report for the above project. The report marked the end of some 4-years of risk analysis and HSE management activities performed by EPCONSULT in support of the design and construction of the Mardi Gras deepwater pipelines. EPCONSULT is now supporting the Mardi Gras project in its operational phase by supply of specialist engineers to Lloyd's Register to participate in risk-based integrity management activities for the pipelines.

Terasen Gas (Vancouver Island) Inc. - Proposed Squamish to Whistler Gas Pipeline:
Performed a study to compare risks to people from the proposed natural gas pipeline against those associated with the existing propane transportation system involving trains, trucks and storage tank farms.

Terasen Gas (Vancouver Island) Inc. - Proposed Squamish to Whistler Gas Pipeline:
Completed QRA for proposed natural gas pipeline with special reference to the risks to the highway bridges carrying the pipeline over river crossings.

February 2006 - April 2006

BP Shah Deniz Subsea Pipelines, Azerbaijan
Completed a risk analysis for BP's Shah Deniz pipelines in the Caspian Sea. The study focused on the risks to the pipelines from shipping, including tankers, merchant shipping, oil field vessels etc. The study used a probabilistic dynamic ship motion analysis to determine the requirements for trenching of the pipelines in shallow water.

BP MS 150 bicycle ride, Texas
The BP MS 150 bicycle ride took place in April, covering 180 miles from
Houston to Austin in two days. Peter Carr completed the ride raising $400
for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic
and devastating disease of the central nervous system and the National
Multiple Sclerosis Society raises funds for research that may identify
a cure.

Terasen Gas (Vancouver Island) Inc. - Proposed Squamish to Whistler Gas Pipeline:
Commenced QRA for proposed natural gas pipeline with special reference to the risks to the highway bridges carrying the pipeline over river crossings in the event of terrorist activity.

Petro-Canada - Block 15/18a Feasibility Study:
EPCONSULT was commissioned to perform feasibility study for the Petro-Canada block 15/18a tieback project. The scope included an all-engineering assessment of the project backed up with project controls including risk, schedule, CAPEX and OPEX estimation. The project also comprised a decision risk analysis (DRA) to determine the value of drilling an additional appraisal well.

Total E&P Yemen- Kharir Gas Compression Project - RAM:
The Kharir Basement Phase 1 Project aims to increase production through a number of new well clusters which together with depletion of existing wells will increase the total produced associated gas. The RAM analysis studies and optimizes the facilities planned for the gas re-injection facilities.

ZADCO - Main Oil Line Replacement Project:
During 2005 EPCONSULT worked on Conceptual Selection studies for this strategic replacement project. That included Business Risk Assessment, Value Engineering, Availability Assessment, HSEIA and QRA. As the project has moved into the FEED phase of the project cycle, EPCONSULT is conducting HSE studies, QRA, HAZOP and SIL assessment.

November 2005 - January 2006

GAIL India - Pipeline Feasibility Study:
EPCONSULT submitted a bid to the Gas Association of India Ltd. (GAIL) for a feasibility study for a 1200-km pipeline from offshore Myanmar to India, via the North East India Territories. The study includes a feasibility report, cost analysis, risk assessment, environment management plan and field survey.

PEMEX Akal C and Akal J Compression Platforms - RBI Study:
EPCONSULT performed a risk-based inspection planning study for the PEMEX Akal C and Akal J compression platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, following the methodology of API RP 580 and API Publication 581.

EPCONSULT prepared and delivered a 3-day HAZOP training course for ADMA OPCO employees on Das Island, offshore UAE. The program provided field personnel with an understanding of up-to-date methods of using HAZOP for onshore and offshore activities.

Apache Energy, Australia - Analysis of Intelligent Pig Survey Data:
EPCONSULT carried out further analysis of intelligent pigging data for Apache Energy Australia (fifth intelligent pig survey studied for Apache), to evaluate pipeline system corrosion rates.

BP, Shah Deniz - Technical Safety Integrity Assurance:
EPCONSULT conducted Technical Safety Integrity Assurance of safety critical equipment for part of the Sangachal Terminal in Azerbaijan. The Technical Safety Integrity Assurance process provides the necessary confidence that construction, commissioning and startup of safety critical elements have been performed to meet the performance requirements for these items when the plant is operated.

Universidad Autonoma del Carmen - RBI (Risk-Based Inspection) Training:
EPCONSULT delivered a 5-day training course on Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) on behalf of the Universidad Autonoma del Carmen at La Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, Mexico, to 20 personnel engaged in offshore projects.

Dolphin Energy, Qatar - Trench Profiles for Protection of Pipelines due to Anchor Dragging:
The Dolphin Project will export sales gas from the North Field, offshore Qatar, via an onshore processing plant at Ras Laffan, to Taweelah in the UAE, in a 48" offshore pipeline. The pipeline will be protected by burying and trenching in area where the pipeline is crossing a busy shipping lane near DAs Island, UAE. During detailed engineering EPCONSULT performed Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) to optimize the trench profile and the protection material. EPCONSULT has during the field trenching and installation activities refined the probabilistic analyses and derived alternative protections schemes that would maintain acceptable levels of risk.

RAE - Engineering Professional Development Award:
EPCONSULT has been awarded a prestigious Engineering Professional Development Award by the UK Royal Academy of Engineering (RAE), for excellence in developing the company's training program for 2005/2006. In addition, EPCONSULT has received a special RAE award for developing an innovative and exciting training program.

September-October 2005

Apache Energy, Australia – Analysis of Intelligent Pig Survey Data:
EPCONSULT performed statistical analyses on inline (intelligent pig) inspection data for a subsea pipeline to estimate the internal corrosion rate. Inspection data were available from four surveys, each carried out in a different year. The first step in the analysis was to match the features detected in the four surveys so that the reported changes in size of each feature could be studied. EPCONSULT has developed sophisticated pattern matching software that can automatically match hundreds of thousands of features. Following the feature matching, Bayesian methods of statistical analysis were applied to develop estimates and confidence limits for the corrosion rates.

Chevron – Caspian Pipeline Consortium Expansion Project, Russia:
EPCONSULT conducted a comparative study of single point mooring systems for loading crude oil tankers and issued recommendations for concept selection based on risks to people, the environment and business. Failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA), reliability, availability and maintainability (RAM) analysis and quantitative risk analysis (QRA) techniques were employed.

BP (AIOC) and GASCO/ADGAS – SIL Training, SIL Reviews and SIL Verification:
EPCONSULT provided a training programme in SIL Assessment, chaired SIL Reviews and conducted SIL Verification of onshore and offshore facilities for the Shah Deniz project in Azerbaijan and for the Offshore Associated Gas project in the UAE/Das Island.

VECO Engineering – Value Engineering Workshop:
EPCONSULT facilitated a Value Engineering workshop and produced a Value Engineering report for the Conceptual Engineering phase of the Offshore Produced Water Facilities Project. The project includes three offshore platforms, each with topsides water treatment and water export facilities, including hydrocyclones, degassing vessels, breakout tanks and injection pumps.

ZADCO Main Oil Line (MOL) Replacement Project – Conceptual Engineering Studies:
For this strategic oil line replacement project, EPCONSULT completed:

  • Value Engineering study, including the facilitation of a workshop
  • Production availability assessment, considering increased water cut and optional transfer/booster pumps on adjacent satellite platforms
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Impact Assessment (HSEIA) studies
  • Pipeline QRA
  • Riser QRA
  • Business Risk Assessment

August 2005 – British 10K Road Run Supporting Ockenden International:
Engineers and Consultants at EPCONSULT had a fabulous day out participating in the British 10K which took runners through a beautiful route of central London. It was a well organised event – and most importantly – we raised GBP 1142 for our favourite charity Ockenden International www.ockenden.org.uk

August 2005 – ENI CONGO – Terminal de Djeno:
ENI Congo is preparing for temporary shut down of the Total operated Djeno Terminal, which handles most of Congo’s crude oil production. This is required in order to allow for planned maintenance and operations activities. To continue production of oil from the Kitina and N’kossa fields, an alternative configuration of the terminal facilities has been designed, which comprise engineering of new process system and integrating with existing facilities. EPCONSULT has chaired the French HAZOP and completed the final report. EPCONSULT has also added a HAZOP Scribing software to its toolkit – EP-HAZOP, which greatly enhances the efficiency of scribing, action listing and close out monitoring.

August 2005 – ENI CONGO – GASCO and ADGAS are progressing two strategic projects in the UAE:
The OGD-III project and the Offshore Associated Gas (OAG) project. EPCONSULT has been responsible for HAZOP Chairing and SIL Reviews on these projects.

July 2005 - Chevron CPC Expansion Project - Concept Selection:
EPCONSULT has been commissioned by Chevron to conduct an FMEA, Technical Risk Assessment and Business Risk Assessment to provide a solid foundation for the decision making as to which type of Single Point Mooring (SPM) should be procured for a crude oil tanker loading facility in Russia.

June 2005 - EPCONSULT Staff Training - Advanced OLGA and SIL Facilitation:
In June 2005 EPCONSULT completed, in line with planning, 50% of this years staff training, which included engineers attending external courses in Advanced Transient OLGA2000 simulation and in SIL Facilitation from Shell Global Solutions.

June 2005 - Qatar Petroleum Ras Laffan Common Cooling Water Project Phase II:
Ras Laffan City is being developed as an industrial city for the state of Qatar. A project was initiated in 1999 to supply seawater as cooling water to the existing and future industries of the city. Qatar Petroleum (QP) has just completed Phase 1, which provides 308,000 m3/hour of water. With more industries being established in the city, QP now plans to implement Phase II/III. QP and Technip have commissioned EPCONSULT to provide two studies for this high profile project: One study is for Failure Modes and Effect Analysis (FMEA) and a Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) of the new phase II/III and Ultimate facilities and an associated study Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) Study for the Phase II/III and ultimate facilities.

May 2005 - Dolphin Energy - Transient Simulation and QRA for Onshore and Offshore Pipelines:
The Dolphin Project is the plan to appraise, develop and produce hydrocarbons from two offshore platform complexes in the "North Field" offshore Qatar. Hydrocarbons will be transported via two 36" Sealines to an onshore processing plant at Ras Laffan. Processed sales gas from the Plant will be transported via a 48" Export pipeline from Ras Laffan to a receiving plant at Taweelah in the U.A.E.

In 2004 DEL/Saipem commissioned EPCONSULT to carry out process simulation and flow assurance for multi-phase sealines and gas export pipeline and to carry out five QRA studies for the project. The studies were successfully delivered in June 2005.

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