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Peritus International, various projects:
Peritus International has commissioned E-P-Consult LLC to provide services in Risk and Integrity Management.

Paper accepted for Intenational Pipeline Conference 2010:
A paper entitled A Model to Estimate the Failure Rates of Offshore Pipelines, by Peter Carr of EPConsult and Dr. Vania de Stefani of BP Sunbury has been accepted for presentation at the Intenational Pipeline Conference to be held in Calagary September 27 through October 1, 2010. The paper is based in part on research and development work undertaken by EPConsult for BP in 2009.

Expert witness work for confidential client, USA:
Peter Carr of EPConsult conducted a risk-based inspection (RBI) study for subsea equipment and testified as an expert witness at the arbritration hearing in New York in relation to a case involving failures of subsea equipment.

Acergy/ExxonMobil Angola Block 15 gas gathering pipelines:
EPConsult is performing failure modes, effects, and criticality analysis (FMECA) for the collet connector systems.


Abstract accepted for IPC 2010:
Peter Carr of EPConsult is working with BP Sunbury on a paper for the Intenational Pipeline Conference to be held in Calagary September 27 through October 1, 2010. The paper will be entitled A Model to Estimate the Failure Rates of Offshore Pipelines.

Expert witness work for confidential client, USA:
Peter Carr of EPConsult has been appointed as an expert witness for a US client in relation to a case involving failures of subsea equipment.

Heritage Oil and Gas – Kingfisher Field Development – Uganda:
This study undertaken in a pristine environmentally sensitive region with no industrial infrastructure concerns the development of this field in an undeveloped virgin petroleum basin around Lake Albert in Uganda.  The scope includes building a reservoir simulation model from the client supplied geo-science model to optimize the field development including the number and location of wells.  The facilities, flowlines and pipeline definition includes conceptual engineering, process simulation and design and flow assurance.  The scope also includes the crude oil export infrastructure that consists of pipelines, terminals as well as rail and inland water transport.  Power generation and transmission concepts were an important part of this study.  The project controls scope consists of project and cost scheduling, CAPEX and activity based OPEX estimating.

Petrobaltic – B8 Field Development Study – Baltic Sea offshore Poland:
This study includes reviewing the client supplied geo-science model and building a reservoir simulation model to optimise the field development including the number and location of wells.  The facilities, flowlines and pipeline definition includes conceptual engineering, process simulation and design and flow assurance.  The scope also includes identifying minimum facilities platforms, processing platform substructure options and crude oil storage and offloading facilities.  The project controls scope consists of project and cost scheduling, CAPEX and activity based OPEX estimating.

"Understanding Oil and Water" - World Pipelines magazine article:
Peter Carr of EPConsult discusses the accurate calculation of spill volumes from leaking subsea crude oil pipelines, explaining exchange flow of oil and seawater. Published in World Pipelines, Vol. 9, No. 9, Sept. 2009, pp 53-58. An EPConsult White Paper on this topic is available here.

Port Arthur Crude Express (PACE) Pipeline:
An oil spill risk analysis has been completed for the subsea section of the proposed PACE pipeline from Hitchcock, Texas, to Port Arthur, Texas.

BP, Failure Frequency Modification Factors:
EPConsult has completed a research and development project for BP aimed at developing improved methods for predicting failure freqencies of offshore pipelines. This involved statistical analysis of pipeline failure databases, development of theoretical models, and development of computer software for use in BP's major accident risk assessment process.

Cadogan Petroleum - Development of Occupational Health & Safety Management System for all Cadogan's oil and gas drilling projects in the Ukraine:
Developed OH&S Management System comprising manual, procedures, and safe systems of work. Performed risk analysis for all drilling sites, producing well sites, and gas treatment plants. Facilitated HAZOPs for proposed new gas plants.

Burullus/ENPPI – WDDM Phase VII Main Compression Project –Risk Assessment – Egypt: 
EPConsult has carried out two essential safety studies for the Phase VII Compression Project of the West Delta Deep Marine Development project. The Emergency Systems and Survivability Analysis (ESSA) and Projectiles Study will help optimise the plant design and operations.

SDag – Shtokman Project – Operations Studies – Russia:
SDag, comprising Gazprom, StatoilHydro and Total, awarded the FEED trunkline project to JP Kenny.  As a key member of the Shtokman Trunkline FEED, EPConsult is completing a wide range of Health, Safety and Environmental, Operations and Maintenance and Risk Assessment Studies. This is being accomplished by working with the project team from multiple locations.

Soukhna Refinery and Petrochemicals Company – Refinery Production Availability – Egypt:
SRPC of Cairo, Egypt has commissioned EPConsult to perform a RAM study for its Early Phase (A) and Late Phase (B) refinery development project. EPConsult supported SRPC to implement design and logistical changes and third party supplier contracts changes, with the objectives of improving availability.

London Triathlon 2009 – ActionAid Sponsorship:
Two EPConsult relay teams, one Olympic distance and one Sprint distance participated in the London Triathlon 2009. It was an exciting fun day with new individual as well as team records and it was a day of fostering team spirit and raising funds for ActionAid www.actionaid.com

PDVSA - Hazard Analysis Techniques – Training Course - Venezuela:
EPConsult have provided a four day course in Hazard Analysis Techniques to Oil and Gas professionals at PDVSA, Caracas.

Oil Sands and Heavy Oil Technologies Conference & Exhibition 2009 – Calgary:
Simon Richards of EPConsult presented a novel concept to increase the value of heavy oil through conversion to electrical power with the additional bonus of enabling economic carbon sequestration.  The subject has led to creative follow-on discussions with prospective clients.

Enterprise Risk Management for Energy Industry – Kuala Lumpur:
EPConsult’s Martin Larsen gave a course on ERM for the Energy Industry. Industry executives from mainly the Middle East and SE Asia attended the two-day course which among other addressed: How to implement an effective ERM structure, The “right energy portfolio” in energy, Credit crunch versus Energy Sector, Opportunities management in energy, Current top energy risks,  Contingency plans for the energy sector.

Total E&P Yemen/ENPPI - Kharir Basement Phase 1 – RAM Study – Yemen:
ENPPI is performing EPC for Kharir Basement Phase 1 Project and appointed EPConsult to review the design and the target availability through performance of Reliability, Availability and Maintainability Analysis.

ADGAS – Flare Handling and Emission Reduction Project – Project Reviews – United Arab Emirates:
EPConsult prepared an Independent Verification Report (IVR) for the FHER project HSEIA study. EPConsult also chaired a Project HSE Review (PHSER). These reviews are part of the project quality management system and will help make the project a success as it enters the next project phase.


Confidential Client - Conceptual Design:
EPConsult has completed the conceptual design and cost estimates for a range of subsea pipelines from 10-inch to 52-inch diameter. In total, six main options were covered together with a number of sub-options. The design and cost estimate took account of the requirement to construct the pipelines in various locations throughout the world. EPConsult also considered novel construction techniques for the pipelines in order to reduce CAPEX cost.

Shell/Chevron – West African Gas Pipeline Project – Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ghana – QRA:
EPConsult has performed a detailed QRA for the West African Gas Pipeline, which will provide gas for power generation through a main pipeline with spur lines to Benin, Togo and Ghana. Recommendations from the study are being implemented.

KNPC/SK Engineering – Fourth Gas Train Project – Value Engineering - Kuwait:
Kuwait National Petroleum Corporation (KNPC) and its FEED/EPC contractor SK Engineering, commissioned EPConsult to perform a Value Engineering Study for the Fourth Gas Train Project at Mina Al-Ahmadi Refinery. The study helped client and contractor to identify cost saving opportunities and areas of risk reduction.

Total E&P Angola/JP Kenny – CLOV Project – Availability Study - Angola:
EPConsult worked with Total and JP Kenny in modelling the complete subsea production system and carried out cost benefit analysis work in order to demonstrate investments that would support the project in achieving the target availability of the production facilities.

Sonatrach/Anadarko – El Merk Development – Safety Studies – Algeria:
EPConsult completed a detailed review and mark-up of Safety, Environment, Risk and Loss Prevention deliverables for the El Merk Project FEED Phase. The documents were re-issued as part of a bid for the El Merk Detail Engineering scope.

PDVSA/ENPPI – NGL V Fractionation Project – HAZOP Reviews and SIL Validation – Venezuela:
A team of EPConsult Engineers and Consultants conducted HAZOP Reviews, SIL Reviews and performed SIL Validation report for the NGL V Fractionation Project in Venezuela.

PDVSA/ENPPI – Safety Integrity Level – Training Course – United Kingdom:
As part of the provision of HAZOP and SIL assessment services to PDVSA NGL V Fractionation Project, EPConsult provided a SIL Analysis Training Course to PDVSA.

Galsi/JP Kenny – Galsi Project – Pipeline Studies – Italy:
EPConsult has performed ultra-deepwater and onshore pipeline studies for the Galsi pipeline project spanning Algeria to Northern Italy. EPConsult prepared HAZID, QRA, Pipeline Integrity Study and RAM study.

Nexen UK – Buzzard Project – Process Reliability Study – United Kingdom:
EPConsult supported Nexen UK with process systems and reliability study to study and provide recommendation to ensure that instrumented protection systems against high level H2S ingress were adequately designed.

ADGAS – Offshore Associated Gas Project – Production Availability – United Arab Emirates:
EPConsult prepared a RAM Study for the Offshore Associated Gas Project, Pack 1 at Das Island. The study identified critical system designs and issues regarding logistical delays. Recommendations were adopted to meet the target availability.

Reliance – MA Field Development Project – Production Availability – India:
Carried out RAM study for the KG-D6 (MA), which is an oil and gas-condensate development in deepwater offshore India. The RAM study comprised the complete subsea production system, the FPSO and the export system.

Burullus/ENPPI – West Delta Deep Marine Development - Pipeline Installation QRA – Egypt:
EPConsult has performed a pipeline installation QRA for the pipeline system that will feed the Idku ELNG facilities. The QRA identified high risk activities and recommended mitigation measures that will reduce implementation risks when completing the project.

Bechtel – Safety Integrity Level – Training Course – United Kingdom:
EPConsult provided SIL Assessment Training course to discipline engineers at Bechtel London as part of GASCO onshore gas procession project.

ExxonMobil, UKCS - SAGE Ettrick Hot Tap Project:
EPConsult provided valve specialist services for the SAGE Ettrick Hot Tap project.

ADGAS, Abu Dhabi - OAG-1 Das Island Facilities Project:
EPConsult provided the Independent Verification Report (IVR) required by ADNOC for the EPC phase of the Das Island OAG-1 Project Health, Safety and Environment Impact Assessment (HSEIA).

Poyry, Massawa Port, Eritrea - New Jetty Development:
EPConsult produced the hazard register, fire risk assessment/training plan and an oil spill risk/contingency plan for Royal Haskonings' FEED phase New Jetty Development at Massawa Port.

Fluor - GASCO Abu Dhabi Integrated Gas Development Project:
EPConsult successfully facilitated a program of FEED phase HAZOPs for GASCO Integrated Gas Development project on Das Island, Habshan and Ruwais. A total of 23 HAZOPs, of average 7 days each were successfully facilitated, recorded and reported along with 3 SIL assessment workshops.

Statoil Hydro,Brazil - Peregrino Field Development:
EPConsult reviewed the proposed process design of the FPSO topsides. Peregrino is a highly viscous 14 API heavy oil. The scope of the review was the separation and water treatment facilities. Design changes were recommended to improve product quality and operability.

Al Khafji Joint Operations (KJO) - Corporate Risk Management Project:
Al-Khafji Joint Operations (KJO) is a joint venture between Aramco Gulf Operation Company (AGOC) and Kuwait Gulf Operation Company (KGOC). EPConsult has developed a corporate risk management framework, policies and procedures for six business units including 23 individual departments. The project identified and captured the risks using EPConsult's risk management tool, EPRisk, in order to create a comprehensive Risk Register. EPConsult carried out post-processing of the data collected in order to identify the top risks threatening the company and recommended how these threats could be mitigated. Throughout the project, EPConsult conducted an awareness campaign in order to embed the ideas of risk management into the company with workshops being held in all 23 departments as well as training in the principles of risk management and the operation of EPRisk.

Occidental Mukhaizna LLC, Oman - Fire Risk Assessment:
EPConsult performed a Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) of the facilities using PHAST modeling software to identify hazards to the new facilities, evaluate potential consequences associated with identified failure events, evaluate the level of risk associated with the adopted operation, identify, where appropriate, risk reduction measures to achieve ALARP and present results in terms of individual and group risk, risk to assets, environment and reputation.

Confidential client - expert witness services:
EPConsult performed engineering studies and expert witness services for a US client in connection with failures of subsea equipment.

BP America - Thunderhorse PDQ - Gas Bubble Plume Analysis and Transient Gas Dispersion Analysis:
EPConsult conducted analysis of gas bubble plumes in the water column and dispersion of the gas clouds above the sea surface to support a dropped object study for a steel catenary riser. The dispersion analysis was a transient analysis to take account of gas release rates that declined sharply with time.

Oil States Industries, Houston - FMEA for Collet Connectors - Chevron Tombua Landana Project,Angola:
EPConsult performed Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) for the collet connector system for the Chevron Tombua Landana export pipelines in Angola. The pipeline contractor is Acergy, Paris.

Zueitina Oil Company, Libya - H2S Risk Assessment:
EPConsult has carried out a review and assessment of occupational health and safety risks of H2S at oil and gas production, processing, storage and export facilities in concession area 103.

ConocoPhillips - MLN Oil Field Facilities - Relief Valve Dispersion Analysis:
EPConsult performed Relief Valve Dispersion analysis in preparation for shut down activities. HYSYS was used to establish flow conditions for different scenarios, PHAST for dispersion analyses and API 520 for reaction force calculation.

Confidential Clients - Pipeline QRA and Pipeline Integrity Assessment:
EPConsult carried out hazard identification studies, quantitative risk assessment (QRA) and integrity assessment on two substantial gas infrastructure projects.

Enterprise - Texas Offshore Port System (TOPS) - QRA, Ecological Risk Assessment and Oil Spill Response Planning:
EPConsult conducted studies for a deepwater port in the Gulf of Mexico, including quantitative risk analysis, ecological risk assessment. and oil spill facility response plans in accordance with the relevant parts of the Code of Federal Regulations for the onshore and offshore elements of the proposed deepwater port.


European Commission - Technologies and Methodologies for Reducing Gas Losses of the Central Asian Gas Transit System:
The gas pipeline infrastructures of Central Asia - Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan - are in poor condition and leak large quantities of gas. The EC is providing aid to help reduce the gas losses. EPConsult personnel visited Central Asia to meet with the energy companies and subsequently prepared the Terms of Reference for the aid project.

Maersk Oil, Qatar - Al-Shaheen Development Project:
EPConsult completed a number of HAZID's and HAZOP's for early production wells including tie-ins to facilities.

Michelob Ultra London Triathlon:
A massive WELL DONE to EPConsult's triathlete team who took part in the Michelob Ultra London Triathlon on Saturday, 4 August 2007 which was successfully completed in good time. We thank all our sponsors for helping us raise 1,640.13 for a great organisation - Action Aid. ActionAid's mission is to end poverty and fight injustice.

Qatar Petroleum - Ras Laffan, Common Cooling Water System Project:
EPConsult performed Failure Modes and Effect Analysis (FMEA), Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) and Availability modelling to an extremely stringent availability target for phase 2 of this project that will increase cooling water supply to 525,000 m3/ hour.

The Children's Safety Education Foundation:
EPConsult continues to support The Children's Safety Education Foundation in its Child Safety Education Campaign. The Children's Safety Education Foundation aims to promote and further the personal safety, social, health and citizenship education of children and young people, encouraging their study needs through the written word and also promotion of public interest in Personal Safety and Citizenship.

BP MS 150 2007 Charity Bike Ride:
Peter Carr in the Houston office participated in the 2007 bicycle ride from Houston to Austin, a distance of 175 miles over 2 days, raising $1,200 for the National Muscular Sclerosis Society. This was Peter's fourth year of riding in this event.

Zakum Development Company (ZADCO) - New Main Oil Line Project:
EPConsult supported the completion of the FEED phase for ZADCO new MOL project. This included a Riser QRA, SIL Verification, Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPS) Study, HSEIA Report and a Project Health, Safety and Environment Review (PHSER).

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